Maritime Security
Services Offered

At QM Sec, we provide a wide range of turnkey solutions for our clients and our essential services cover the following:

Maritime & Commercial Shipping Security
Risk Intelligence,
Consultancy &
Ad hoc services
Crew Training &
Crisis Management
QM Sec Services Maritime Security & Commercial Shipping Security

Companies need to address the challenge of reliable security teams to protect their assets and resources.

Maritime & Commercial Shipping Security

Maritime Security covers a wide array of solutions and services – from Vessel Protection Teams, Stowaway Protection and Ship Security Audits to name some – and it is a critical requirement for vessels due to the increase in pirate activities across the seas.

With the increased dangers of piracy, the commercial shipping industry faces new challenges to ensure that their crews, ships and cargos are protected in transit.

The industry is facing a significant increase in operational costs – such as insurance coverage, ship hardening and route diversions. Companies need to address the challenge of reliable security teams – Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) and unarmed personnel – to protect their assets and resources.

We ensure that our teams are highly qualified and well trained in maritime security operations. They are regularly vetted and undergo a systematic training program to ensure that the team is at the top of their game and operationally ready for any situation.

While on-board, our experienced security teams will provide ship security services and training to the Masters and crews. Throughout the entire journey (before, during and after transit), the security team will be in place to assist wherever they are needed.

We provide PCASP, armed guards and unarmed security personnel and teams for your specific needs – depending on the requirements, situation and local laws.

QM Sec Services Risk Intelligence & Consultancy

The team will recommend the necessary security measures, procedures and SOPs to be put in place.

Risk intelligence,
Consultancy &
Ad hoc services

Our key areas of focus include:

  • Ship Security Audits
  • Port Risk and Voyage Threat Assessments for piracy
  • Intelligence and Vessel Tracking

Our risk management advisors with our security team leads assess the circumstances and position to formulate a suitable solution to address the situational needs.

The analysis will review the entire process (from departing port to arrival port) to ensure all the objectives are covered and addressed. The team will recommend the necessary security measures, armed guards, procedures and SOPs to be put in place.

This process can include on-site security audits, on-board security requirements (PCASP or unarmed), and various other measures to ensure all bases are covered.

Experienced operations and intelligence personnel support the on-site/on-board teams where needed.

Other services that we are able to provide:

  • Indonesia: Mitigation of arrested vessels
  • Malaysia: Security and consultancy for various enforcement actions undertaken by the Sheriff Office/Enforcement Section of the Court
  • Singapore: Certified disposal of firearms

Please do reach out to us should you require other ad hoc services, as we have personnel in various locations that would be able to assist your requirements in a situation.

...provide a tailor-made program to evaluate the crew's operational effectiveness.

Crew Training &
Crisis Management

We conduct in-depth training for our clients based on their requirements. We run an analysis to seek out the weak points in the crew’s training and provide a tailor-made program to evaluate the crew’s operational effectiveness.

Crew training can include scenario-based training, best management practices, anti-piracy drills, vessel hardening measurements and escalation of force procedures.

Complemented with awareness training for any given route/country, this provides the crew with a well-rounded training program to ensure that they are operationally ready and continuously aware of the safety measures required to manage any situation.